Last updated on 14 Sep 2010
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The HSAN Student Section publishes articles that are focused on Health Systems Strengthening. Please post your articles below for review by our editorial staff.

When submitting, please abide by the following formatting rules:

  • Articles must be a maximum of 1,500 words.
  • Copy the text of your article from a word processor such as Word.
  • If there are any images or figures imbeded in the text, please send them as separate attachments, as .jpgs or .gifs to with the article title and your name.
  • Please include captions for any images or figures.
  • Please write all references in Vancouver Style, i.e. with numbers in the text as follows: (1) or [1]. Please do not use superscripted reference numbers in the text.

Articles published on the HSAN Student Section site are divided up into four categories. Consider what you want to write to see which category it falls into.


An editorial is written as a response to something else. This can be an argument or a criticism based on a global health report or initiative. They are written in the first person and only represent the opinions of the author.


Features are more general. They report on a topic in depth and their emphasis is on the content, which should be obtained from referenced sources. There should be a maximum of ten of these references using the Vancouver style. A feature should not be biased; it should either not contain opinions or attempt to balance the opinions on the topic.


These are similar to features but they contain much more personal opinion on the topic. Approximately half of the article should introduce the topic, the other half should be your own thoughts and ideas or how the topic has affected your views on global health.


These are typed-up interviews with people involved with health system strengthening and global health. Please include a very short biography of your subject and a brief explanation of why you think this person would make a good subject for a profile.

Thanks for submitting! Your article will be reviewed within two weeks.