Last updated on 14 Sep 2010
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Welcome to the Student Section of the HSAN website!

Please peruse the different pages of this site to learn more about Health System Strengthening (HSS), find ways to get involved, and see what other students are doing.

Overview of the Student Section

  • Get Involved: Outlines all of the ways you can contribute to HSS through HSAN. Provides links to the Collaboration Center, posting and viewing articles, posting and viewing the blog, and links to other resources.
  • Collaboration Center: The centerpiece of the student section! The Collaboration Center allows you to view offers to partner with researchers, policy makers, organizations, communities, and other students. You can also post your own offers to collaborate! Search by region or interest area.
  • Articles: Learn about and contribute to important issues in HSS and global health through student-written, peer-reviewed articles describing research findings, perspectives, profiles, and much more.
  • Blog: Less formally structured than articles, blog entries allow students to share stories about clinical rotations, public health practicums, internships, personal perspectives, or research endeavors.
  • Resources: Here you will find report summaries, conference announcements, educational modules, and links to other great sites.
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