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Welcome to the Health Systems Action Network (HSAN)!

The global health community is committed to an ambitious health agenda and we cannot afford to fail. But, while success depends on health systems that work for all people, many health systems are in crisis and urgently need to be improved.

Health systems face many challenges – too few health workers, budgeted resources that do not reach service providers, drugs and vaccines that expire or do not reach people who need them, disease outbreak information that does not reach those who can respond, hospitals that lack blood transfusion capacity to provide emergency services.

A growing number of individuals and organizations throughout the world are working to develop and implement innovative solutions to address these challenges. The Health Systems Action Network was created out of the conviction that our efforts will be magnified if we share knowledge and join forces to advocate for better health systems.

Health Systems and Health Systems Strengthening

Health systems in different countries have a common goal – improved health through systems that are as equitable as possible, responsive and financially fair. And all health systems carry out the same basic functions regardless of how they are organised or which health interventions they are trying to deliver. These functions are:

  • development of human and other key resources;
  • service provision;
  • financing;
  • stewardship (oversight and guidance).

At its broadest, health system strengthening can be defined as any of a broad array of initiatives and strategies that improve one or more of the four functions of the health system, and that lead to better health through improvements in access, coverage, quality or efficiency.


Swelling and autoimmune diseases

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Maggi Reese

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